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From the captivating abstract figures of her "Here, but not Here" series, to her buoyant images from her "Loose Forms" series, to her current vibrant "/Mend/" series, Dina AZ. Salem continues to personally challenge herself and the very definition of a multidisciplinary artist. Often exploring subjects of immigration, emotional healing, femininity and joy, she embraces various mediums such as watercolors, oil, acrylic, charcoal sticks, various raw materials & discarded street materials to create visual creations that evoke emotion and contemplation.


Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Salem grew up on the Mediterranean sea, where as a child her innate ability to masterfully produce representational drawings, paintings and sculptures was first recognized and nurtured by her late father Ahmed Zaki. Her connection with him and her art remains until today, in that she signs all her artwork with his personal initials, a signifier of her conviction to  utilize the gift that he recognized in her.


Watercolors, Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal Sticks, and Mixed Media Materials

Art Series:

“Here, but not here" 2020

“/Mend/“  2020 - ongoing series

"Loose Forms" 2022 - ongoing series


  • Solo Exhibit, "/mend/", Homme Gallery Washington, DC - September 2023 - Current RSVP Here​​

  • Group Exhibit, "Movement", The Yard - Eastern Market Washington, DC - July 2023 - Current 

  • Group Exhibit, "Spring Art Exhibition", The Guest House Washington, DC - March 2023 

  • Group Exhibit, "Waves of Joy", Gallery Y Washington, DC - December 2023 

  • Group Exhibit, "SHE DC 2022", La Cosecha Washington, DC - March 2022

  • Group Exhibit, "Art is essential", Gallery Y Washington, DC - May 2021

  • Solo Exhibit, "Here, but not here", Homme Gallery Washington, DC - April 2021

Public Projects:

Under her design studio, AZ Designs, Dina was awarded a feature as one of the artists to contribute to the "Graffiti Without Border" mural, which is displayed at “A wall of Hope” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


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